Standard Bank Account Statement – Internet Banking Cyber Crime Scams

By | May 18, 2014

Protecting your computer against hacking and virus attacks is your responsibility. Don’t be a victim of cyber crime or less you will lose your hard earned money. 

Cyber criminals are really stepping up their game and are using advanced social engineering methods. I’m talking about high-level digital strategies to siphon off your bank account.  With so many people using internet banking, everyone is a target and this is a huge market for criminals.

Yesterday I received an unsolicited email from them (the cyber criminals) and as usual they were offering their e-services by sending my “Standard Bank Account Statement.” Herewith is the screenshot I snipped.

Lazy face

Look, I  highlighted few areas you should be very cautious of:

1. The sender’s email address is definitely not from Standard Bank  Domain.
2. At all cost, don’t open the attachment.

What will happen if you open the attachment?

The sender has included an executable file in the pdf attachment e-mail for you to help ( the cyber criminals) to install malware, which promptly infects your computer and steals your banking information.

NB: The banks must ensure that their clients are kept abreast of online cyber trends.

 If you think you’ve been victimised by this type of cyber crime, contact your bank to report it, and file a complaint with the SAPS.

There you have it! Keep it safe and secure!

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