NGINX, PHP-FPM+APC and Varnish Cache Server, and WordPress Setup – Quote:

Professional Installation Services: Standard Setup for: Dedicated Server or VPS*

Price: $69.00 USD Once-Off [Ts & Cs Do Apply]

Magwinya Wired offer Professional Installation Services to anyone who requires properly deployed NGINX Web server, based on practical design principles that works 100% and tested. We know for fact that our customised installation will give you quality server performance, and reliability.

This cost covers the following and Two-weeks of premium support.

OS* To be Installed on


Installing Nginx With php5-fpm And MySQL (LEMP).

  • Advanced NGINX Tweaking.
  • NGINX Deployment and Performance Tuning.
  • Installation PHP-FPM Configuration and Optimizing.
  • Kernel Server OS Optimization via sysctl tweaking.
  • Varnish Cache Server – Clean Setup, and Advanced Performance Tuning.
  • Configure NGINX to host Multiple domains (ServerBlocks) Setup.
  • Lockdown SSH for Improved Security.
  • Advanced Security via IPtables Firewall Ruleset.
  • WordPress and Drupal Advanced Performance Tuning.

Optional Setup Solution.

Installing High Availability Clustering Nginx With php5-fpm And MySQL (LEMP).

High Availability Clustering Setup

Clustering define a collection of servers that operate as if they were a single machine. The primary purpose of high availability (HA) clusters is to provide uninterrupted access to data, even if a server loses network or storage connectivity, or fails completely, or if the application running on the server fails.

Magwinya Wired offer Professional HA clusters consist of two server machines (referred to as “nodes”) that “share” your website data. Your Nginx Web Server Data is automatically synchronised and saved to each “Server node” hard drive, and if one node cannot provide access to it, the other node can take client requests.

  • Installation Two server “Nodes” Setup .
  • Kernel Server OS Optimization via sysctl tweaking.
  • Advanced NGINX Web Server Clustering.
  • NGINX Web Server Data – Automatically Synchronisation.
  • Configure NGINX to host Multiple domains (ServerBlocks) Setup.

Whether you’re in the market for a brand new superfast VPS, web presence or your current site needs an overhaul, Magwinya Wired can help.