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Computer Systems: Fundamental Concepts – COS1521

Purpose: To introduce students to the computer as a system. This covers hardware concepts such as internal representation of numbers and characters and basic computer architecture, and software concepts such as systems software and applications software. It also includes a brief introduction to databases, and to systems analysis and design

COS1521: Second Semester: ASSIGNMENT 02 – 2016

Due date: 28 September 2016 Study material: (1) F&M: chapters 5–14, but excluding chapter 12 (2) Tutorial Letter 102: Part I: units 5–14 Please read the relevant study material in F&M and Tutorial Letter 102 before you begin this assignment. See more information about Tutorial Letter 102 in section 2.3 of this tutorial letter. Submission… Read More »

COS1521: Second Semester: ASSIGNMENT 01 – 2016

Due date: 24-Aug-16 Study material: (1) F&M: chapters 1–4; Appendices A & E (prescribed book) (2) Tutorial Letter 102: Part I: units 1–4 Part II: ALL (pages 24–74) Part III: solution to self-assessment assignment Do the relevant exercises in F&M, Tutorial Letter 102 and the self-assessment assignment before attempting this assignment. See more information about… Read More »