About Us

The term magwinya originates from the township (ekasi) in Gauteng South Africa. Magwinya are vetkoek.

This website is Deep-fried in cooking oil, powered up by varnish cache server, NGINX webserver and hosted in the cloud using LEMP stack.

Magwinya Wired embrace newer, simpler and more agile technologies like open source cloud computing (Debain or Ubuntu Server LEMP Stack), Varnish Cache Server, NGINX and WordPress or Drupal CMS.

These technologies enables any website to instantly burst up to thousands of simultaneous requests in seconds from multiple points of presence around the world. To make it quick and easy, Magwinya Wired eliminates the need for complex slow scripting.

Nginx (pronounced as “engine X”) is a lightweight open source web server. NGINX is faster at serving static files and consumes much less memory for concurrent requests because Nginx is event-based it doesn’t need to spawn new processes or threads for each request, so its memory usage is very low.

Popular High Traffic Sites Using Nginx.

Magwinya Wired