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When you access Microsoft Outlook Web Access by using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 version of Internet Explorer, you experience one of the following symptoms. On a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Vista, you cannot perform any editing tasks that you typically expect to perform. For example, you cannot perform the following tasks: • Compose… Read More »

How To Install Exchange 2013 On Windows 2012 R2 Server Step by Step

This guide provides basic steps for installing the necessary Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system prerequisites for the Microsoft Exchange 2013 Mailbox and Client Access server roles on a single Windows 2012 R2 Server. This guide comes with comprehensive functional components that are required to deploy Exchange 2013 and based on practical design principles that… Read More »

Outlook Anywhere/RPC over HTTP for Exchange 2007

I want to say first that this is not the only way of setting up such a service. There are many ways of achieving this goal but this is the way I took. I do not issue any guarantee that this will work for you! Setting up Outlook Anywhere on newly installed exchange 2007 server,… Read More »

W3401 Unable to find file.

BrightStor ARCserve Backup — Backup W3401 Unable to find file. (FILE=C:\es-ca-01_w3svc1_cert.pfx, EC=The system cannot find the file specified.) Technical:  Session Status…………… Incomplete The above mentioned error happened because the file was deleted. Resolution: Since the backup cannot find the file specified – what needs to happen is to modify backup to exclude the above file.

iPhone 3G Microsoft Exchange Account Set Up

Touch settings – choose – mail, contact, calendar – select add an account – Microsoft Exchange – simply feed in the information given to you by your IT Messaging Professionals. Touch Next – Done              Mobile office for  “users on the go” which gives you full access to your company global… Read More »

RPC over http/s problem. Outlook status remains disconnected.

You’ve deployed RPC over HTTP/s as per “How can I configure RPC over HTTP/S on Exchange 2003 (single server scenario)? ” document and when you test the functionality of both OWA and RPC using internet Explorer ( and ( it works. However, when you test the RPC connectivity on outlook 2003/2007 the status remains disconnected. Resolution: Open up outlook… Read More »

netdom query FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations)

Solution:  Identify the computer holding the fsmo roles by using the command netdom query fsmo. C:\Program Files\Support Tools>netdom query fsmo Schema owner                   es-dc-01.magwinya.lan Domain role owner            es-dc-01.magwinya.lan PDC role                            es-dc-01.magwinya.lan RID pool manager              es-dc-01.magwinya.lan Infrastructure owner          es-dc-02.magwinya.lan The command completed successfully.

Exchange 2003 OWA Certificate Expired

The certificate for the MS Exchange Outlook Web Access has expired. Can you please assist. This is the message: Certificate information This certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certificate authority: Issued to: CustomOWA Issued by: CustomCA valid from 11/02/2006 – 11/07/2008 Resolution: To work around this problem, follow these steps. On the Exchange or… Read More »

Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Program

**************************************************** ExMerge can be used to import to and export from PSTs. Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Merge Program, v6.5.7529.0 Start Logging:Novemebr 01, 2008   10:53:47 **************************************************** Trying to run exMerge for the first time, and the following: Error. File ‘D:\EXMRECOVER\eSGTEST.PST’ not found. Cannot merge data into mailbox for user ‘dwtest’ (’eSGTEST’). [10:54:57] Errors encountered. Copy process aborted for… Read More »