Fully functional CRM & Sales System for Your Small Business.

By | December 29, 2015

OUR SALES & CRM is a fully functional CRM & Sales System, to help your company empower your sales department with a complete CRM & Sales solution that they can use to boost sales dramatically.

Competitive Advantage:

OUR SALES & CRM helps you record leads, opportunities, add new customers, add main contacts, register sales orders, create quotations and create invoices.

The whole sales process simplified in a simple modern light-weight system that will change how you do business. Most if not all systems out there are using the SAAS model or were built using a complicated business processes that will take you a while to understand, we built OUR SALES & CRM using simple modern practical business approaches.

This means that customizing the software to your needs will be easier than any other system out there. We also implemented the pricelist system so you can add discounts for certain customers within a certain period of time. OUR SALES & CRM also contains a simple email application to receive and send emails from within this software. We aim to make your whole sales process easier and smoother.

Core Features:

Leads Management
Customer & Contacts Management
Calls Logs
Meetings Schedule
Products Categories
Sales Reps – Assign to Customers
Sales Orders
Invoicing & Payments

Application Security Access Control:

Super User
Base User

I’m happy to arrange a pilot project so that you can see how the solution fits within your organisational operations. Please note that the entire solution is on a SAAS business model, meaning that the service is fully hosted on my cloud servers.

Price Est: R165p/m Exl VAT.