WSUS Console Cannot Open.

By | May 24, 2014

After installing WSUS3, you get the error below:

MMC cannot open c:\***\wsus.msc. This maybe the file does not exist, is not an mmc console or was created by a later version of mmc. Or may not have sufficient access rights to the file.


Microsoft Management Console 3.0 for Windows Server 2003 (KB907265)

Brief Description
Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (MMC 3.0) is a framework that unifies and simplifies day-to-day system management tasks on Windows by providing common navigation, menus, toolbars, and workflow across diverse tools.

To work around this problem, follow these steps.

Windows Server 2003/SBS2003 R2

The following software is required for running WSUS on Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2:

Please feel free to contact me for further technical assist, with the installation of WSUS.

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