Why do you need Windows Server 2012?

By | June 26, 2013

The Microsoft Windows Server platform has been powering businesses both large and small for over a decade. Building on this substantial legacy, Microsoft now offers Windows Server 2012 – a groundbreaking server solution that provides hundreds of new features and enhancements. Windows Server 2012 also provides what is quite possibly the most advanced set of virtualization capabilities available in one integrated package. Now is the perfect time for you to engage Magwinya Wired to help your company to upgrade to Windows Server 2012, and to find out for yourself why the early adopters have called it “jaw dropping.”

*Getting Started with Virtualisation

The benefits of virtualization can’t be argued with – the cost savings, the flexibility to add servers, the options for disaster recovery. But virtualization has to be done right in order to deliver value to the business, preferably using tools we understand and trust. Windows Server 2012 gives us those tools, with comprehensive virtualization capabilities that are bundled right into the server operating system. With Windows Server 2012, we’ll have everything we need to start building a world-class virtualization infrastructure that will serve us for years to come.

*Getting More Bang for Your Money.

The perks of having virtualization in your infrastructure are clear, from giving you more value from your hardware to increasing your business flexibility. But virtualization comes at a price, and with Windows Server 2012, it’s a price that’s more affordable than ever. Right out of the box, Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition includes licenses for two virtual machines – at no extra cost. Beyond that, we’re charged as you add virtual machines and are not charged per processor, the way competitor products are sold. It’s a pricing model that will give you more bang for your virtualization money.

*Making The Most Of Your Storage Resources

Windows Server 2012 provides powerful storage virtualization capabilities that can improve storage performance while giving you the scalability to handle rapid data growth. This feature, called Storage Spaces, allows you to combine all of your storage resources – regardless of size or vendor – into one easy-to-manage pool. Virtualizing your storage in this way will help you reduce IT costs by making the best possible use of your existing storage investments.

*Boosting Application Uptime

With Windows Server 2012, Microsoft gives company like yours access to business continuity and disaster recovery technologies that were previously available only to large enterprises. The virtualization software that comes with Windows Server 2012 includes a robust replication feature that captures changes to your virtual machines every five minutes. It works quietly in the background to ensure that if anything goes wrong with a virtual machine, you have a copy you can restore immediately. Windows Server 2012 also provides “live migration” features, which means that virtual machines and storage can be moved and maintained without taking them offline, helping to ensure application uptime.

*Enabling More Efficient Server Management

In companies like yours, it’s imperative that you get the most out of your IT resources. That includes human resources as well. Windows Server 2012 is designed to help you get the most out of IT by making server management easier and more efficient than ever before. For example, it provides features that allow you to manage multiple servers remotely, providing a full spectrum of management control from a single interface. Other new features simplify time-intensive tasks such as server configuration and deployment, freeing up your resources to handle other business and IT projects.

There you have it!

With this release, Microsoft is providing you a giant toolbox of technologies to make the most of your server resources – both physical and virtual. Built on a long legacy of stability and support, Windows Server 2012 is a platform designed to handle complexities and change, and it’s one you can count on to carry our business forward.