Verification of replica failed. The forest functional level is Windows 2000.

By | March 13, 2013

Symptom – The client was unable to promote the Windows 2012 server named “pta_t30” as an additional domain controller in their windows 2003 domain t6.local.

Cause – We were getting the error: Verification of replica failed. The forest functional level is Windows 2000. To install a Windows Server 2012 domain or domain controller, the forest functional level must be Windows Server 2003 or higher.

Resolution – We performed the following steps so as to get the issue resolved:

– Ensured that the health of the Domain is good.

– Corrected the Time settings in the registry on secondary domain controller.

– The windows 2012 server named “pta_t30” was getting the IP address from DHCP so we assigned the Static IP address.

– Corrected the NIC binding and the provided order on “pta_t30”.

– Ensured that we are able to ping the domain and DC’s from 2012 server named “pta_t30”

– Raised the forest functional level to Windows 2003 and forced Active Directory replication.

– Ensured that we are able to promote the 2012 server as a Domain controller.

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