How to Upgrade HP StoreVirtual Storage LeftHand Using Centralized Management Console (CMC)

By | August 13, 2014

About this Guide:

This guide provides information for upgrading the HP StorageWorks P4000 SAN Solution, using HP StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console (CMC). The intended audience is system administrators responsible for implementing, maintaining, and managing a P4000 SAN Solution.

About HP StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console (CMC)

HP StoreVirtual Storage enables you to create a virtualised pool of storage resources and manage a SAN. The LeftHand OS software is installed on the HP StoreVirtual Storage and you use the HP StoreVirtual Centralized Management Console (CMC) to manage the storage. For a list of supported software and hardware, see the HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage from HP Website.

Upgrading HP StoreVirtual Storage LeftHand (HP P4000)

HP recommends that you always upgrade to the latest version of the HP StoreVirtual Storage including:

LeftHand OS

Getting started with the CMC

If you have ever needed to update your HP StorageWorks P4000 SAN you need to download upgrades available, end then close your CMC in order to switch to enable Support Upgrades Mode in the CMC.

Enabling Support Upgrades CMC 10.5  to 11.5 – HP P4000

The following steps will enable Support Upgrades in the CMC, and will allow you to manually patch the storage systems with individual patches:

1. Shutdown the CMC

2. Open C:\Users\geneva\.storage_system\preferences.txt

3. At the top of the file, add the following:


4. Start CMC, under Configuration Summary there will now be a “Support Upgrades” tab.

It is important to add the lines to the top in step 3, otherwise the “Support Mode” tab will not be active.

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