Hyper-V® Health Check

By | March 10, 2014

A scheduled inspection to review your existing Microsoft Hyper-V environment.

Health Check for Microsoft Hyper-V is designed for customers who:

 want to enhance their Hyper-V cluster or single installation
 want to compare the performance of their environment against Microsoft best practices
have identified performance issues or any other problems
 want an assessment from a Microsoft perspective to confirm if their environment is running a supported state

Delivered by highly experienced and accredited engineers (ME), Hyper-V Health Check helps you:

 Meet availability goals while improving efficiency
 Reduce support costs.
 Benefit from practical recommendations.


Microsoft Hyper-V Health Check is a proactive service that delivers prescriptive problem identification and suggested resolution guidance for selected components within your Microsoft Hyper-V implementation. The Health Check is designed to uncover potential performance and application configuration risks and provide recommendations for any identified issues.

How the Offering Works

Data collection and analysis are key components of a successful engagement. During the Hyper-V Health

Check data is collected and analyzed in depth. This includes the following areas:

Operating System Configuration:

• Driver versions
• Page file
• Memory Dump
• Service Packs and recommended Hotfixes
• Antivirus Exclusions
• Firewall settings


• Storage type
• Connection


• Interface
• Configuration
•Virtual switch

Hyper-V Host configuration :

• Capacity planning
• Supportability issues

Virtual Machine

• Configuration


• Configuration: Review Validation Report
• CSV / Live Migration implementation

Disaster Recovery

• Backup method
• Restore method

Detailed performance analysis
We will set up a call to discuss your environment and any areas of concern and the engagement duration.

Improve Efficiency

An experienced engineer will review the existing implementation to detect and document Hyper-V best practices.

Save time and money
Obtain proactive, sound advice to help avoid expensive downtime due to performance issues


The Health Check is an integral part of your product implementation lifecycle for Hyper-V. It includes the following deliverables:

Detailed Implementation Information

A report is provided detailing diagnostic information and application configuration settings. This report will offer significant detail about your implementation and its underlying infrastructure. It focuses on the Microsoft Hyper-V host configuration and virtual machines configuration supporting infrastructure only.

Component Scorecard:
A user-friendly scorecard is delivered, detailing the health of each component reviewed, including a rating of Good, Fair, or Poor to help determine next steps in resolution. The scorecard focuses on the Microsoft virtualization business system and support infrastructure.

Recommendations and Conclusions

An analysis is completed on performance and preferred practices with Microsoft recommendations