How to choose the right technology services partner for your business

By | February 26, 2015

From broadband and inter-branch connectivity to cloud technology and data security systems, allow Magwinya Wired to compile the perfect approach for your needs.

Whatever niche you are in, finding the right Technology Services Partner for your business needs is essential to your business success.

Most of the companies in South Africa recognise that keeping up with technological developments is key, and most managers realise that IT is an area they need to rely on for the business growth and their success – particularly when it comes to a fast and reliable internet connection.

IT Managers and Business owners need to understand that Internet service disruption do occur and its a fact it does happen from now and again. As such when sourcing Internet Related Service for broadband and inter-branch connectivity the decision needs to align to your core business operations. The business needs to ask key operational questions e.g. In the event of Internet Service disruption what impact will the downtime have to our business? Will our customers move their business to the competitors?

A small company with senior level skills is even better because it is likely they don’t have complicated layers of point-of-contacts and probably don’t have very sophisticated 1st line, 2nd line support measures in place.

If you want to engage directly with a chief Solutions Architect, you wont find yourself being pushed from pillar to post in the same loop of 1st and 2nd line agents.

To be continued…