Failed to receive data from the client agent.:

By | November 1, 2008

CA has made significant improvements in the ‘Brightstor’ product line.


Running ArcServe 11.5 Agent on the Exchange Cluster Server environment and encountering the following:

dbaexchis Version 11.5 Build 4402 3-1-2007 Microsoft Exchange Server 2K/up
Converting connection protocol to named pipes due to connection error.

By default, BB11.5 exchange agent uses the TCP/IP as tranfer protocol but the Brightstor server cannot connect to exchange agent through TCP/IP protocol so it tries to connect through Remote pipes protocol and it succeeds.



To work around this problem, follow these steps. 
Change the remote protocol directly in the job – modify job, Microsoft Exchange server … – Right on Exchange Server – Database level(IS) – Remote protocol.  Select Named Pipes.

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