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vpn client error 800 behind ISA 2006 Server

Error 800: can’t establish a vpn connection Resolution: Open – ISA Server Management – Click Firewall Policy – Double Click Your Access Policy – go to Protocols Tab – Click on ADD – Expand All Protocols – Add PPTP. Then you should be able to establish VPN connection perfect.

RPC server is unavailable

You receive a “The RPC server is unavailable” error message when you RDP’ng to your server? This problem might be linked to incorrect NIC drivers. Resolution : Reinstall Your Server NIC drivers. Till next time…”if not broken don’t fix”

OWA Prompts Twice ISA 2006

Confirm forms-based authentication not selected on the Exchange front-end server Forms-based authentication can be configured on the Exchange front-end server when not using ISA Server to publish Exchange Web client access. When ISA Server is being used to publish Exchange Web client access, forms-based authentication should only be configured on the ISA Server computer. Perform… Read More »

sesecurityprivilege access is denied

sesecurityprivilege access is denied Z:\MSExchange2003Enterprise\SUPPORT\EXDEPLOY>POLICYTEST.EXE This tool will check every domain controller in the local domain to see if the “Manage auditing and security logs” privilege granted to the Exchange Enterprise Servers” group by DomainPrep has replicated to that DC. If the policy change has not yet replicated to all DCs, then you should… Read More »

Google Public DNS IP addresses

The Google Public DNS IP addresses are as follows: You can use either number as your primary or secondary DNS server. You can specify both numbers, but do not specify one number as both primary and secondary.

How To set up the BlackBerry’s email client with Google Apps email

Depending on what your requirements are and what you wanting to spend there are two options available to use: 1) BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) – Local application built into the Blackberry (No costs involved) 2) BES (Blackberry Enterprise Service) – Special software for Blackberry (Costs involved) Note: While setup instructions are provided below, Google Apps… Read More »

Installing the Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V server role

Hyper-V requirements To install and use the Hyper-V role, you must have the following: An x64 processor. Hyper-V is available in x64-based versions of Windows Server 2008—specifically, the x64-based versions of Windows Server 2008 Standard, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, and Windows Server 2008 Datacenter. Hardware-assisted virtualization. This feature is available in processors that include a… Read More »

South African SMTP Servers

Here is a list of the most common Outgoing servers:. For Telkom ADSL, outgoing server is or For Telkom Analogue Dial Up, use or For 8TA (Eita), the outgoing server is For MWEB ADSL, outgoing server is or For Vodacom 3G, outgoing server is For MTN 3G,… Read More »

Only one PPTP session is allowed only by TMG

Problem: ======== Only one PPTP session is allowed only by TMG…if the second user tries to initiates its outbound VPN connection…it would fail. Cause and Analysis: ======== – From the Network package captured on TMG, the Client caller ID was changed by external router device and thus the connection was discontinued. – Research and found… Read More »

How to view and transfer FSMO roles in Windows Server

Transfer the Schema Master Role Use the Active Directory Schema Master snap-in to transfer the schema master role. Before you can use this snap-in, you must register the Schmmgmt.dll file. Register Schmmgmt.dll Click Start, and then click Run. Type regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll in the Open box, and then click OK. Click OK when you receive the… Read More »