Business Continuity Architecture

By | July 21, 2014

Every business is exposed to risk of various kinds. Disruptions such as hardware failure, system corruption could play havoc in your business operations. A well thought Business Continuity Architecture should offer immediate recoverability in the event of loss of critical servers and data. Get business operations back up and running within short time rather than weeks, reducing recovery time and saving businesses from economic failure.

Key Building Blocks

Approach your Business Continuity Architecture (BCA) with a view to address practical risk and business continuity management, including the identification and assessment of enterprise risks, development of business impact analysis (BIA), recovery strategies, business continuity plans, crisis management plans, plan testing and maintenance, and continuity program governance.

Talk is cheap, but, as always, disaster strike when you’re least expecting. In my experience in assist companies in the Areas of Network Infrastructure Design and Implementation it is very common for companies to fall into the trap of thinking that “it’ll never happen to us,”.

To be continued…

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