Brightstor ARCserve Backup 11.5.:

By | November 16, 2008

CA has made significant improvements in the ‘Brightstor’ product line.

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Problems Encountered: Lab Test
Currently, Brightsor ARCserve Backup 11.5 sp3 has one minor disadvantage when using it as a backup solution, the software is not intelligent enough to remove delete folders from the selection automatically.

What we did was that we deleted a folder called Acrobat reader from the file server and ran the backup job.

Backup Operation Incompleted with the following error:

“AE0005 Directory D:\Acrobat reader does not exist.”


Overall satisfying experience: When the software is working, it works very well.

The majority of the backup was successful including exchange data.

Also what we came across was that If a user has left\been deleted you need to remove them from the backup selection manually.

You would have to check the backup selection for individual mailboxes.

You should find mailboxes in the backup selection which no longer exist in AD\exchange. 


To work around this problem, follow these steps.

It would be nice if CA software design team may look into introducing an auto discovery technique to give this great backup solution the intelligence it deserves. To remove delete folders from the selection automatically.

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