Assignment 02: Due date 05 September 2016 Compulsory

By | September 4, 2016

Module information

Software Project Management
Module code: INF3708
Bachelor degree Semester module NQF level: 7 Credits: 12
Module presented in English Pre-requisite: none Co-requisite: none
Purpose: To enable students to demonstrate their understanding of managing all phases of a software development project, which includes project initiation and process analysis, resource planning and allocation, project design, risk management, monitoring and control of a project, managing people and teams, implementation and coordination of projects.

Unique Number: 759379
Marks weight: 20%


Due date 05 September 2016
Study material Hughes & Cotterell: Chapters 2
Total marks 32 marks = 100%
If your assignment is late, please DO NOT PHONE OR E-MAIL asking for an extension but include a note in your assignment stating the reason for the late submission and we will decide whether or not it will be marked. This is a compulsory assignment


1. Complete this assignment and submit online in a .pdf format by performing the calculations.

2. The following unique number has to be assigned to the assignment:

Unique Number

3. Show all your working (calculations).

4. This assignment consists of 5 questions.


The cash flows of Projects 1 and 2 are given in the table below (in ZAR, South African rand, R):

Year Project 1 Project 2
0 -R155000 -R140000
1 -R5000 R15000
2 R40000 R5000
3 R50000 R20000
4 R50000 R30000
5 R50000 R60000
6 R30000 R70000

Table of cash flows for Project 1 and 2

Use this information to calculate the Net Profit, the Return on Investment (ROI), the payback period and the Net Present Value at 10% for each of these projects. Then answer Questions 1 – 5.

Solutions: coming soon:

1. Calculate the Net Profit for each project. (6 marks)

2. Calculate the Return on Investment for each project. (6 marks)

3. Calculate the Payback Period for each project. (6 marks)

4. Calculate the Net Present Value for each project. (12 marks)

5. Based on your calculation of the individual Return on Investment (ROI) of each project in question 2 above, which project would you select to develop? (2 marks)